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For over two decades the Carling Partnership has been the leading name in recruitment specialising in the drinks sector. We offer unrivalled access to the industry, deep understanding of the sector’s demands, and a thorough and personal approach. The result? Placements that are right for the job, right for the culture and right for the person.


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The roles we fill

If the drinks industry needs it, we cover it. We’re specialists in top-level management and technical positions, but we find high-quality people for roles at all levels. Every leader begins somewhere.



Master distillers, master brewers, cider makers, brewers and distillers
Sales and marketing
Project and account managers
All technical roles
Microbiologists, chemists, engineers
Quality and process control
Specialised management – all types
And much more…



Latest Vacancies

We’re trusted by the biggest names in the drinks industry because of our discretion and confidentiality, vital for sensitive senior posts.



Scotland, UK - Ref: 1699

Based in Scotland, our client strives to be a driving force in whisky and is renowned for building brands that stand out. They are now looking to recruit a Customs and Excise Manager who will be responsible for providing a reference point on all matters relating to the Customs and Excise Regulations globally and to advise implementation accordingly.

Beers, Wine and Spirits


Midlands, UK - Ref: 1698

Our client, a leading independent drinks expert and the creator of a range of great-tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is looking to recruit a Purchasing Manager. The main purpose of this pivotal role is to source, procure and contract all elements to ensure all products are produced efficiently and cost effectively by third-party manufacturing partners located in the UK and Europe. The role will suit a loyal, career-minded person who thrives on a broad portfolio of interesting work, liaising with a mix of both internal and external stakeholders.

Brewing and Beer


Midlands, UK - Ref: 1696

Our client is a micro-brewery situated in the Midlands, UK. With innovation and high quality at their core, the brewery produces upwards of 30 distinct brews, plus special editions. They are now looking to recruit a Brewer who will be involved in each step of production from development of new recipes to delivery to market.

Beers, Wine and Spirits


UK - Ref: 1697

Our client’s expertise as a successful malt producer is widely acknowledged by brewers, distillers and food industries, who rely on the supply of top-quality barley malts. They are now looking to recruit a Barley Procurement Coordinator who will provide an important link between suppliers and colleagues to allow more informed decisions to be made and to meet the demands of the business.





Advertising your vacancies directly leaves the future of your company to chance. Don’t passively hope the right person finds you. Actively find them.

BETTER Quality

The ideal candidate for a role is rarely even looking for a job. Often, they need a tap on the shoulder. We know where they are.


Location, family, ambition, strengths, culture… so many things influence a successful placement. Get them right first time.


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The team

We love to see both clients and candidates thrive as a result of our work. Our different backgrounds and range of skills help make that happen.

Julie Carling

Julie Carling

Penny Zaloumis

Penny Zaloumis

Tricia Tappin

Tricia Tappin

Laurence Rougeaux

Laurence Rougeaux


‘I have been working with Julie and Bill for over 20 years. Together they have built a first class reputation for talent management in the beverage sector. I have been placed by them a number of times but more than this, Carling Partnership has worked with me on many occasions to provide great talent to the organisations I have worked for over the years. I can say for me they are the “go to” Team you can trust. In particular Julie goes the extra mile to only forward candidates to organisations whom she can fully stand over. She also meticulously gets to know her candidates before recommending them. Their reputation is indivisible.’

Julian Patton

‘The Carling Partnership are a pleasure to work with. They have taken time to really understand our business and to really get to know their candidates. They are sound advisors, honest, direct and efficient. Not only that, they are lovely people and I highly recommend them.’

Michael Wiper

‘It’s like working with friends, friends you have known all your life, they know what we want and they always deliver. I have never had a bad recommendation.’

Peter Smith

‘Working with the team at The Carling Partnership is always a pleasure. The opportunities that The Carling Partnership offers are second to none in the brewing industry. They are always knowledgeable, professional and friendly.’

Ciaran Giblin, Brewmaster


A Head Brewer is responsible for all aspects of the beer production process and day-to-day operations of the brewery. It is a high-level role which can involve many different tasks.