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10 Top Job Interview Tips In The Drink Industry

handshakingIf you’re actively seeking a new position in the drinks industry, you won’t need us to tell you how competitive the market is right now. No matter whether you’re applying for executive or technical roles, the number of quality applicants for each position is quite astonishing. That said, this competitive environment shouldn’t leave you despondent. In many ways the current situation should mean that the cream of candidates can rise to the top more easily, if the planning and execution of their application is right.

If you’re at the stage of facing an interview, which may be either one of many or the first for a long time, we want to help you make sure you go in, putting your best foot forward.

Here are our Top Ten Drinks Industry Interview Tips:

  1. Look and feel your best. It goes without saying that you’ll make sure your best suit gets an airing and your shoes are polished within an inch of their lives for your interview, but looking and feeling your best goes further than that. In the run up to your interview, take the time to exercise, to eat and sleep well and to fill yourself with positivity. Looking and feeling your best really does come from the inside and bright, shiny, engaging eyes are appealing in any situation.
  2. Be prepared. Prepare the presentation of “You” in the same way that you would prepare and rehearse any board level presentation. Take time to identify your unique selling points and to describe yourself and your experiences accurately but enthusiastically as well as applying them directly to your potential employer’s situation.
  3. Relax. It’s natural to go into an interview situation with a healthy level of nerves. However, more than that and you could spoil your chances. If you are stressed, practice relaxation techniques and make sure you breathe and sit correctly during the interview. Your posture will help you give off a positive and calm appearance, even if you’re stressed on the inside.
  4. Due your due diligence. In order to appeal to your drink industry potential employer’s real reasons for recruiting, you need to get to know them. Take time to do your due diligence. Online sources will give you a host of information, but use your network and your contacts for more subtle points that you can include in your presentation.
  5. Know what you want. Be able to describe succinctly what you want from your new position and never be negative about your current employer. Describing a realistic but ambitious horizon is always a positive point in interviews.
  6. Focus your responses on the job description. Once you’ve done your due diligence, it’s time to study in detail the job description that you’re being interviewed for. It sounds obvious, but take time to read, digest and analyse the job description with a view to targeting your responses precisely to the needs described in that ad.
  7. Give evidence of your strengths. When describing your successes, don’t forget to give evidence of the outcome. This may be a direct result on the bottom line or efficiencies. Either way, providing evidence makes your case a whole lot more credible.
  8. Be innovative. While no employer will be expecting to pick up new business ideas from you at interview, demonstrating that you’re someone who thinks outside of the box and goes the extra mile will help you stand out from your competitors.
  9. Prepare some questions. While most of your questions are likely to be answered during the interview process, it demonstrates intrigue and genuine interest to pose some questions if appropriate. Searching for Press Releases about the company online will give you a good idea of what’s topical for them. Take time to read any cues you find and aim to identify two to three challenging and insightful questions.
  10. Enjoy the experience. It might sound like an odd thing to say, but if you can enjoy the interview experience, it’ll show in your body language and be obvious in your voice, so do all you can to be yourself and let the real you shine through.

And of course, don’t forget to check your travel options as well as how long your journey is likely to take. After all, it’s not a great start to arrive late!

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