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The Biggest Employers In The Drink Industry

Drink-Industry-BiggestIt’s accepted that the drinks industry falls into several different categories that include brewing, spirits and soft drinks. However, when people think of the drinks industry as a whole, they have a tendency to forget about suppliers to the industry, who play an all-important role.

In our industry, names like AB InBev, SABMiller & MillerCoors, Heineken and Carlsberg rub shoulders with Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi, Brown-Forman and then get topped off on the soft-side by Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and AmBev. Thereafter, when you add the lengthy list of machinery manufacturers, packaging lines suppliers, bottles/can makers, analytical machinery suppliers, hygiene and cleaning products, the list literally becomes enormous!  So suffice to say that there is plenty of choice and competition out there when it comes to recruitment.

Here’s an overview of some of the major players:


Heineken-Logo“Probably” the UK’s top cider and beer producer….. Heineken was awarded the Top Employers UK certification in 2014. Boasting exceptional employee conditions that are designed to bring out the best in people across the board, this means that positions in Heineken are highly sought after. A company that employs around 85,000 people globally, Heineken have a range of plants in Scotland and England. They also have around 1250 pubs dotted throughout the UK, which are branded under their Star Pubs and Bars label. Needless to say the opportunities for employment within Heineken range from entry level jobs to executive level jobs.


Diageo-LogoA global company, with a product range that’s distributed to more than 180 countries worldwide, Diageo is a highly reputed and sought after employer. Voted in 2012 as one of LinkedIn’s Most In Demand Employers, Diageo provides employees with the opportunity to gain experience across the board in a brand that is steeped in heritage and history.   With a global workforce of not far short of 30,000 people, Diageo has great scope for anyone to progress both nationally and internationally at every level of the organisation.


Pepsico-LogoA company with reported sales in excess of $66 billion (across all brands), it’s not surprising that PepsiCo employs almost 250,000 people. A recognised global leader in the soft drinks industry, this company is known for innovation and creativity. Encouraging personal and professional growth is part of the culture at this company, no matter at which level you get involved.

Irrespective of whether you’re one of the global leaders in the drinks industry looking to recruit or you’re seeking an opportunity in the drinks industry, either in the UK or internationally, CPL can help. Why not contact us today to discuss the possibility of us working together?