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Brewery Projects & Engineering Manager Job Description


The brewery projects & engineering manager is one of the most important roles in a brewery. They must ensure that the production plant of the brewery is engineered and constructed in a way that makes it reliable, safe and efficient. Working closely with senior management they also ensure that the production plant is capable of meeting production goals.

They are responsible for many aspects of the production plant’s design and construction — from initial design work through to installation of additional brewing components and maintenance scheduling.

The brewery projects & engineering manager makes decisions about the production line which take into account the brewery’s capacity requirements, food safety procedures, quality control, health and safety regulations, and maintenance requirements.

In most cases, the brewery projects & engineering manager is a part of the senior management team and participates in making the important decisions that determine brewery’s future. They have a technical background and very broad knowledge concerning all technical aspects of brewing beer.

Brewery Projects & Engineering Manager Responsibilities

This is a very important position at a brewery, with far-reaching responsibilities that cover many areas. At a minimum they will typically have the following responsibilities:

  • Design Procedures for Responding to Mechanical Failure
    The brewery projects & engineering manager must be ready to quickly respond to mechanical problems on the brewery production line. They must take responsibility for designing procedures which ensure rapid response and quick resolution of mechanical problems so production levels are not greatly impacted.
  • Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan
    They must develop a maintenance schedule to reduce the risk of mechanical failure on the production line. The schedule should be designed to work within the current production schedules. It must be very well documented so other staff in the brewery can understand and perform the required maintenance tasks.
  • Scope Projects and Make Purchases
    Another key responsibility is the planning and execution of projects which alter the components or workflow of the production line. They must scope the project, purchase the necessary equipment, tender contracts and ensure the project is completed to a specified timeline and budget.
  • Gradually Improve the Production Line
    They will be constantly altering the equipment and workflow of the production line to improve production capacity, efficiency, reliability and safety. That will involve the modification of certain components and replacing other components with new ones. This must be done in a calculated way, which demonstrates a reasonable cost benefit and pay-back period.
  • Recommend a Maintenance Budget
    Thebrewery projects & engineering manager is in the best position to understand the kind of maintenance required on the production line. They will have to make an estimate of maintenance costs and manage a budget. Budgets will usually be created on a per-department basis, with some elements prioritised.
  • Make Purchasing Decisions for the Brewery
    Deciding which production components to purchase is a very important decision that affects production line capacity, safety and efficiency. The brewery projects & engineering manager will have to make those purchasing decisions and negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best deal on new equipment.
  • Manage Parts and Equipment Inventories
    All spare parts and redundant equipment must be catalogued and carefully managed. It is their responsibility to ensure that the necessary parts are available to deal with mechanical issues on the production line.
  • Regularly Inspect Equipment
    They will have to routinely inspect equipment in the production line for faults. These kinds of inspections may involve representatives from insurance companies who are interested in assessing the brewery’s safety.
  • Keep the Workshop Spaces in Order
    The staff that operate under the brewery projects & engineering manager will use a wide variety of tools and machinery to keep the production line operational. The equipment they use must be well-maintained and well organised.
  • Keep Work Areas Safe
    In addition to keeping the production line as safe as possible, they must ensure that project work is done in a very safe fashion. All work must be performed in a way that also considers hygiene and food safety issues.
  • Keep Records of All Procedures, Maintenance Schedules, Projects and Risk Assessments
    All work must be very well documented so other workers, departments and managers can understand the processes that must occur in the brewery.

Education Requirements

A brewery projects & engineering manager must have at a minimum, an engineering based degree and a qualification in brewing (graduate degree or diploma). Ideally, they should also have some Training in LEAN or Sigma Six principles.

Work Experience

  • A great deal of experience working in a brewing or food production environment
  • Proven ability to manage and lead a team
  • Track record of successful project management in food or beverage production facility
  • Experience in providing process improvement and creating engineering solutions involving complex machinery

Key Skills

  • In depth knowledge of beer and the brewing industry
  • High level communication skills
  • Mechanically minded with very strong technical knowledge
  • Very methodical with strong problem solving skills and analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to work within a team and lead other staff
  • Very advanced project management skills
  • Strong negotiating skills

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What is the main function of a brewery projects & engineering manager?

The main function of a brewery projects & engineering manager is to ensure that the brewery’s production plant is engineered and constructed to operate reliably, safely, and efficiently. They play a pivotal role in design, construction, maintenance planning, and ongoing improvement of the brewery’s production line, aligning with the brewery’s capacity, food safety, quality control, and maintenance requirements.

What are the essential duties of a brewery projects & engineering manager?

Essential duties include designing response procedures for mechanical failures, creating preventative maintenance schedules, scoping and executing production line projects, continuously improving production processes, recommending maintenance budgets, making informed purchasing decisions, managing parts and equipment inventories, performing regular equipment inspections, maintaining workshop spaces, and ensuring workplace safety.

What educational background is required for a brewery projects & engineering manager?

A brewery projects & engineering manager should possess an engineering-based degree, a qualification in brewing (graduate degree or diploma), and ideally have training in LEAN or Sigma Six principles.

What type of work experience is beneficial for a brewery projects & engineering manager?

Beneficial work experience includes a significant tenure working within a brewing or food production environment, proven leadership capabilities, a history of successful project management in a production facility, and experience in process improvement and engineering complex machinery solutions.

Which key skills are necessary for a brewery projects & engineering manager?

Key skills necessary include in-depth knowledge of the brewing industry, high-level communication abilities, mechanical and technical expertise, methodical problem-solving and analytical thinking, team collaboration, advanced project management, and strong negotiation skills.