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Liquid Manager Job Description


A liquid manager is responsible for ensuring liquids in a food production facility are appropriately sourced, stored, and assessed for quality. They will implement value-adding standards to improve the facility’s capacity for using liquids.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure the facility has the appropriate high-quality liquids required for the production process. The liquid manager must also drive continual improvement of the manufacturing process at the facility and oversee the implementation of those improvements. Strong project management skills are essential for this role.

Liquid Manager Responsibilities

The core responsibilities of the liquid manager include:

• Liquid management in the processing and storage stages
They must ensure that liquids coming into the facility are correctly processed and of sufficient quality to be used in the production process. Liquids that are ready to enter the production process must be stored and managed appropriately.
• Manage liquids stock and ensure its timely delivery
Some food production facilities are dealing with many types of liquids which must be carefully managed by the liquid manager. The liquid manager must ensure that there is a sufficient quantity of specific liquids available for immediate use in the production process.
• Head up standards compliance
The liquid manager must ensure all liquids remain standards compliant. This includes quality standards, health & safety standards, hygiene standards and food safety standards.
• Help with strategic site planning
The liquid manager will help management and site designers plan the best locations for liquid assets on site. They will also help management understand the ideal liquid management assets to match production line capacity.
• Monitor and control liquid production
They will oversee the liquid production process and ensure it is operating correctly.
• Oversee operational delivery
They will ensure liquid is delivered in a timely fashion where it is required.
• Staff performance management
They must manage a team of employees, set performance goals and monitor employee performance.
• Operational training
The liquid manager will develop training that maintains or improves the skills of employees.
• Continuously look for ways to improve liquid management at the facility
They will continually look for improvements in productivity, equipment utilisation and technology.
• Provide technical knowledge to key stakeholders
They must share their extensive knowledge with other stakeholders including beverage makers, managers and the quality assurance team.
• Manage costs and budgeting
The department will be assigned a budget for staff, consumables and equipment. The manager must plan a budget and ensure the department complies with it.


A liquid manager should have a Bachelor or Science degree or equivalent.

Work Experience

• Experience working with alcoholic beverages
• A track record of improving performance at a brewery, winery or distillery
• Experience managing a team and demonstrating strong leadership
• Experience improving production processes at a beverage production facility
• Proven ability to develop a training plan and improve the skills of staff
• Previous use of analytical tools and software relating to liquid quality
• Thorough understand of best practice approaches
• Experience with quality control systems

Key Skills

• High-level IT and report preparation skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Excellent inventory management and record keeping skills
• Good attention to detail
• A strong work ethic and hands-on approach
• Team management and leadership skills
• Ability to motivate staff
• Experience with quality assurance software packages
• Strong attention to detail and drive to achieve continual improvement
• Ability to work to deadlines and to prioritise workload
• Strong project management skills

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What are the primary duties of a liquid manager in a food production facility?

A liquid manager’s main tasks include sourcing and ensuring the quality of liquids, managing liquid inventory, ensuring adherence to various standards, aiding in strategic site planning, supervising liquid production processes, managing staff performance, and constantly seeking ways to enhance the liquid management system.

How does a liquid manager contribute to standards compliance and site planning?

They play a vital role in maintaining compliance with quality, health and safety, and food safety standards for all liquids used in the production process. Additionally, they collaborate with management on site planning to optimise the placement and utilisation of liquid assets.

What qualifications are typically required for a liquid manager?

A liquid manager usually holds a Bachelor of Science degree or an equivalent qualification, providing a strong foundation for managing the scientific and technical aspects of liquid management within the facility.

What type of work experience is beneficial for a liquid manager?

Valuable work experience includes a background in working with alcoholic beverages, performance enhancement in a brewery, winery, or distillery, team management, production process improvement, staff training development, and familiarity with analytical tools and quality control systems relevant to liquid management.

Which key skills are crucial for a successful liquid manager?

Essential skills for a liquid manager include advanced IT and reporting abilities, problem-solving expertise, strong communication, inventory management, attention to detail, a proactive work ethic, team leadership, staff motivation, familiarity with quality assurance software, and robust project management capabilities.