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Packaging Team Leader Job Description


The packaging team leader is responsible for ensuring a brewery’s products are packed correctly and made ready for distribution. They manage a team of staff involved in various packaging and warehousing processes, including bottling, canning, boxing, kegging and palletising.

The packaging team leader has an important role in the production team, working closely with the brewing team leaders and head brewer. They must ensure that the high standards of the brewery are maintained and that the packaged products are of high-quality.

The packaging team leader reports directly to the head brewer. To do well in the role, they must have a combination of people skills, technical knowledge, an eye for detail and great organisational skills.

Packaging Team Leader Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the packaging team leader include:

  • Lead and motivate the packaging team
    The packaging team leader will give direction to packaging staff at the brewery. They will ensure that the team is happy, productive and appropriately trained for the machinery they are using. The packaging team leader will be accountable for the actions of their team.
  • Drive improvement in all aspects of the packaging process
    They must continually seek improvement in their department. Employee safety, quality control, productivity, costs and delivery time must constantly be improved.
  • Maintain a safe environment for staff
    Maintaining a safe environment for employees and visitors to the brewery is an important responsibility of the packaging team leader. They must maintain employee safety by implementing safety protocols and by ensuring all machinery is safe for employees to use.
  • Help the brewery meet its regulatory obligations
    They must help the brewery meet regulatory obligations required by government bodies. This will include ensuring the brewery’s compliance with environmental, workplace safety, and food hygiene regulations.
  • Create a production schedule for packaging
    The packaging team leader will work with other brewing team leaders to create a schedule for the packaging of brewery products.
  • Monitor packaging and warehouse operations
    They must oversee the packaging process and ensure it runs smoothly. That includes tasks like operating the filling line, loading stock, forming cartons, palletising, kegging, and labelling. They will also ensure the packaged product makes it safely to the warehouse or distribution centre.
  • Ensure quality control processes are completed
    The packaging team leader will ensure QC processes are correctly implemented and that quality is maintained throughout the packaging process.
  • Manage raw materials and liaise with suppliers
    They must ensure the brewery has the raw materials necessary for the packaging process to be successfully completed.
  • Maintain the packaging production line
    They must ensure the packaging production line remains in good working order. The packaging team leader will also schedule the maintenance of equipment, organise repairs and plan the purchase of new equipment.
  • Look for ways to improve the brewery’s production line
    The packaging team leader will be dedicated to constantly improving the production processes used by the brewery.


  • The packaging team leader must have a trade qualification in a relevant field. Electrical or mechanical engineering is ideal.
  • A certification or degree in packaging or food production is ideal.

Work Experience

  • A minimum of 2-years’ experience working in beverage packing operations
  • Experience managing a team
  • Experience with maintaining and managing packaging equipment


  • Strong people management and leadership skills
  • Ability to motivate staff
  • Strong communication skills (verbal & written)
  • Good attention to detail
  • A strong work ethic and hands-on approach
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and mechanical ability
  • A passion for beer making and dedication to excellence
  • Excellent inventory management and record keeping skills

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What is the function of a packaging team leader in a brewery?

The packaging team leader is tasked with overseeing the brewery’s packaging operations, ensuring products are packaged accurately and prepared for distribution. Their responsibilities include managing and motivating the packaging team, driving process improvements, maintaining a safe work environment, and collaborating with other departments to uphold product quality standards.

What qualifications are suitable for a packaging team leader in the brewery industry?

Ideal qualifications for a packaging team leader would be a trade certification, particularly in electrical or mechanical engineering, or a degree related to packaging or food production. These qualifications underpin the technical and organisational skills required for managing the packaging operations effectively.

What are the primary responsibilities of a packaging team leader?

The primary responsibilities involve leading the packaging team, striving for continual improvement in the packaging process, ensuring staff safety, helping the brewery to meet regulatory standards, creating packaging schedules, monitoring operations, maintaining quality control, managing supplies, and improving production lines.

How much experience is needed for someone to perform well as a packaging team leader?

To be effective in this role, an individual should have at least two years of experience in beverage packing operations and team management, along with experience in maintaining and managing packaging equipment.

What skills are essential for a packaging team leader?

A packaging team leader needs to exhibit strong leadership and people management abilities, have a capacity to inspire and motivate staff, possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills, demonstrate a keen eye for detail, and have a strong work ethic with a hands-on approach. Additionally, they should be passionate about beer making, dedicated to quality, and skilled in inventory management and record-keeping.