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Technical Brewing Shift Manager Job Description

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The technical brewing shift manager is a high-level role in the beer and brewery landscape. They are responsible for ensuring that beer produced at a brewery meets a specific set of goals including production cost, production time, beer quality and volume. They will work with brewers, suppliers, managers and other staff to ensure that these goals are met.

The technical brewing shift manager has a strong focus on managing the entire brewing process and the available staff to achieve beer-making goals established by the brewery.

Technical Brewing Shift Manager Responsibilities

The technical brewing shift manager has wide-ranging responsibilities at the brewery. The precise responsibilities will depend upon the size of the brewery and the number of staff. Some of the most common responsibilities of the technical brewing shift manager include:

  • Manage the brewing process from the raw material stage through to the finished product
    This role involves overseeing the day-to-day production operations involving all aspects of the beer making process including sourcing raw materials, testing, quality assurance, food safety and packaging.
  • Advise on technical brewing matters
    They will be called upon to help other staff with technical brewing matters and the development of new beers.  
  • Budgeting and the monitoring of expenses
    A technical brewing shift manager has a specific budget for the production of beer. They must make decisions based upon how much money is allowed for each production run.
  • Liaise with planning department to meet customer requirements
    The amount of beer that a brewery produces will fluctuate according to customer demand. The technical brewing shift manager must be able to adapt production schedules, staffing arrangements and the purchase of materials to match any changes.
  • Raw materials and consumables quality assurance
    It is the technical brewing shift manager’s responsibility to ensure raw materials and packaging materials are of a suitable quality. They must oversee purchasing orders and receipts.
  • Manage and improve the brewing process
    The brewing process must be continually refined and improved
  • Co-ordinate the transportation of beer
    They must make arrangements to ensure customers receive their beer in a timely fashion.
  • Manage safety on site and ensure compliance
    The safety of staff is often the responsibility of the technical brewing shift manager. They ensure staff are working safely and proper precautions are taken.
  • Maintain hygiene and food safety
    They are responsible for the safety of the final product. An important part of that is maintaining a hygienic production line
  • Plan the training and development of the team
    Employees in a brewery are expected to continually improve the performance of their job. The technical brewing shift manager guides this process, helping staff to gain better understanding of the brewing process and their role.
  • Conduct weekly meetings with staff
    There will be periodic meetings with various staff to discuss beer production, product development and logistics. The technical brewing shift manager will often lead these meetings
  • Liaise with suppliers
    A technical brewing shift manager will have to lease with suppliers of raw materials, packaging materials and brew machinery
  • Resolve disciplinary issues
    if there is an issue with employee behaviour or a dispute between employees, the technical brewing shift manager is usually in charge of resolving the issue
  • Attend tasting sessions and product development meetings
  • Provide team performance reporting data and KPI information
    Tracking the performance of the production line is a particularly important job for the technical brewing shift manager. They will have to set goals, assess performance, create reports and define key performance indicators.
  • Undertake internal projects as directed by the Senior Brewer
    The technical brewing shift manager usually works under the senior brewer (brew master) and may be asked to manage additional projects within the brewery
  • Manage development of the label artwork and ensure label legislation compliance
    They often play a role in developing the art work for the final product. They are usually responsible for ensuring the quality of the packaging and that legislative requirements are met on labels


While it is possible to become a technical brewing shift manager by apprenticing in a brewery and working your way up, many technical brewing shift managers have a college degree.

  • A diploma in brewing and/or a high level of brewery experience is typically mandatory
  • A degree in chemistry, biology, food science, microbiology, brewing or distilling is a significant advantage
  • Lean Six Sigma training (a methodology to reduce waste in production processes) is usually highly regarded

Some larger breweries may also look for managerial, logistics or business qualifications.

Work Experience

The technical brewing shift manager must have a wide range of work experience which has included a great deal of beer-making experience, some managerial experience, project management experience and budgeting experience.

  • Previous brewing experience
    Most positions will require a minimum of 3+ years experience in a management position within a beer manufacturing facility
  • Proven cost and people management ability
    Some managerial experience is usually required for this role
  • Experience managing a beverage production line
    All technical brewing shift managers have a very high level of familiarity with the beer brewing process and beverage production lines.
  • Project management knowledge
    Must have work experience managing projects, assessing quality, improving productivity, and setting KPIs. Must have experience analysing and improving beer production processes

Key Skills

A wide range of skill is necessary to be a technical brewing shift manager. They are commonly expected to manage staff, solve problems on the production line, improve production techniques, liaise with management, deal with logistics and much more! Some key skills include:

  • High-level written and verbal communications skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Problem-solving skills and creative thinking skills
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Fantastic interpersonal skills
  • Methodical, logical and detail orientated
  • Flexibility and able to adapt to unexpected events
  • Highly motivated and dedicated to improving production processes
  • Good organisation and time management skills

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What are the principal duties of a technical brewing shift manager?

The principal duties of a technical brewing shift manager encompass managing the entire brewing process, maintaining quality and safety standards, budgeting, and staff management to ensure the brewery’s production goals are met efficiently.

How does a technical brewing shift manager contribute to the development of new products?

A technical brewing shift manager collaborates with other experts in the brewery to advise on technical brewing matters and supports the development of new beers, thereby playing a crucial role in product innovation.

What educational background is preferred for a technical brewing shift manager?

A preferred educational background for a technical brewing shift manager includes a diploma in brewing or a college degree in relevant scientific disciplines such as chemistry, biology, food science, or microbiology, complemented by qualifications like Lean Six Sigma training.

What work experience is required for a technical brewing shift manager role?

Required work experience for this role includes extensive hands-on experience in brewing, management within a beer manufacturing facility, project management, and proficiency in enhancing beer production processes.

What are the essential skills for a technical brewing shift manager?

Essential skills for a technical brewing shift manager include strong communication, problem-solving, leadership, flexibility, and organizational capabilities, alongside a methodical approach to managing the brewing process and improving production techniques.