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South East, UK ref: 1607

For more than 25 years our client has developed and manufactured a range of innovative reference flavour standards which have been used to train more than 40,000 professional tasters in breweries, water utilities, soft drinks companies and food manufacturers. They maintain the largest and most historic collection of production brewing yeasts in the world – more than 850 strains.
They are now looking to recruit a Manager for the Brewing Yeast Team who will be responsible for interacting with current industry customers and developing new customers through technical interactions.

There are six key aspects to the role.
1. Interact with our current industry customers and develop new customers through technical interactions. This aspect of the work leverages your credibility with these customer groups.

2. Manage the day-to-day activities of our yeast supply and testing business. This aspect of the work leverages your managerial skills.

3. Build the capability of the yeast team, through teaching, coaching and assessment. This aspect of the work leverages your managerial skills.

4. Improve the efficiency of what we do by simplifying and improving our current working practices and introducing automation to increase throughput and reduce the risk of error. This aspect of the work leverages your organizational and technical skills.

5. Improve the accuracy of our yeast testing procedures by introducing new laboratory techniques. This aspect of the work leverages your innovation skills.

6. Maintain and improve our quality standards by working in partnership with our yeast team, yeast customers, flavours team manager & quality staff. This aspect of the work leverages your managerial skills.

You will be accountable for all six aspects. However, the first of these is the keystone responsibility. Over time, to a greater or lesser extent, we’ll look for you to develop individual members of the team to take responsibility for each of the other five. This will free you up to spend more time with customers, both to develop our yeast business commercially, and to deliver consultancy to them.

In addition to this your responsibilities will include:

• Adhering to, maintaining, and supporting the HACCP plan
• The development, re-writing and updating all aspects of the company’s Quality Management System for the Yeast team
• Ensure that products are manufactured to Customer, Company and Legal requirements
• Actively promote and tailor yeast products and services to the brewing industry to achieve budgeted sales
• Produce yeast slopes based on contracts for supply and off the shelf yeast products

Production of yeast slopes for client orders on time

• Manufacture yeast slopes to achieve production targets
• Support the team with actions and technical issues
• Development of new methods/improvements in the laboratory

Quality assurance of yeasts for positive release

• Preparation of culture media and laboratory reagents
• Monitor and maintain laboratory stock levels
• Responsible for accurate record keeping and filing of laboratory documents
• Implementation and maintenance of laboratory housekeeping
• Production and packaging of yeast slopes
• Inoculation of media with yeast

Promote and sell yeast
• Maintain and retain the current yeast customers and have a good relationship with them
• Analyse yeast strains which have not been sold for some time and bring them to market
• Identify other potential products that would be beneficial to our business

DNA fingerprinting and Yeast Banking
• Analyse yeast within the yeast bank
• Analyse customer yeasts and comparison with yeasts held in our yeast bank
• Accurately record and maintain the yeast slopes held within the yeast bank
• Accurately select slopes for production
• Maintain the liquid nitrogen levels within the yeast bank
• Yeast recovery and banking of yeast within a liquid nitrogen storage system

Customer projects
• Manage project work as required and prepare reports for clients
• Liaise with customers providing technical support and consultancy
• Dealing with non-routine activities
• Outline microbiological testing and analysis of client samples

Applications from candidates already eligible to work in the UK only please.

For more information, please contact Julie Carling at The Carling Partnership,

Tel +44 (0)1483893100.

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